Why Alpha Drive is better.


Rent a curated collection of economy and premium cars that are either brand new or meticulously maintained by our fleet managers.


No more underhand or slipshod car rental experiences. Enjoy our helpful 24/7 roadside assistance or on-demand car deliveries.


We constantly adjust our car rental rates based on prevailing COE prices so you will always benefit from a competitive and fare rate.


All our vehicles are covered with comprehensive motor insurance so that you can enjoy maximum coverage and a worry-free drive.

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The car that pays for itself.

Our cars are eligible for Uber & Grab use. Make a dent in your car rental payments — on average, our clients can cover their payments by driving just nine days per month. On top of that, you'll be covered by our comprehensive motor insurance so you can drive easy.

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A car for every need.

Our mission is to offer high quality car rentals. Look no further.



A flexible car rental option for those who wish to rent a car for a day or longer, but less than a month. We have economy, sports and luxury cars at unbeatable daily rates.

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A hassle-free long term motoring solution that covers all maintenance and paperwork. Learn more about the benefits of long term leasing and start your journey with us.

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Rent your fuel efficient car together with a full maintenance package and a great rental rate to go with. We are registered as partners so you do not need to register a company.

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Learn More About Great and Budget Cars For Rent and Lease Anywhere in Singapore
 The service of renting a car in Singapore can either impress or depress you depending on the company you choose. If not enough research is done, you may start your journey with a cheap rental rate but end up with paying through your nose when you return your car when a scratch that was not preciously declared in the agreement magically appears on the bonnet of the car. Unfortunately, this sort of cut-throat car rental services are prevalent in Singapore. Some cheaper car rentals also rent out haphazardly maintained vehicles that you've to put up with by disinterested local car rental companies. Fortunately, Alpha Drive cares about your car rental needs in a more intimate manner. Choosing Alpha Drive, you’re making service excellence and the car quality a priority!