These days, everyone from your local business owner to the visiting tourist makes a habit of browsing options online before they make a business transaction such as renting a car. Why? Well, for one, there’s the value in spending the effort to. There are also lots of reasons people still prefer to go for the time-proven industry incumbents that will charge an arm and a leg at the rental counter before you get to drive off the lot, and another reach into the pockets when you’re returning the car if your fuel is not topped up. For those partial to that kind of treatment, Alpha Drive can offer the same perks for renting a car — service you can depend on, and a premium car to go with.

Drive an experience

Alpha Drive is Singapore’s premier car rental and fleet management company where both locals, expats and visitors can rent premium cars at extremely competitive rates. Hirers choose from a curated selection of vehicle models or let us know if you’ve a special one in mind that isn’t listed. We’ll purchase the car and we’ll deliver. Each hire is backed by a comprehensive insurance policy that covers third party and own damage to the vehicle, with attentive roadside assistance and customer support. The process is extremely simple and hirers don’t have to worry about the paperwork that’s involved with car ownership in Singapore because we’ll handle it all. With us, you’ll drive an experience.

Rent your dream car

BMW Convertible in motion

You can also give us the exact specifications of the car you want to drive away in. We can get you a car with four wheel drive for your road trips, car seats for a young family, or a zippy convertible that’ll complete your exuberant lifestyle. You get the exact car that you book, with the custom features you want.

Check out our fleet.

Save your money

One of the primary reasons our clients choose us is the assurance of a good car with even better support. With that, when you rent a car from Alpha Drive, you’re saving an average of 10% compared to a competing rental company. Additionally, if you decide to rent a hybrid or diesel car that we offer, you’ll save even more on gas.