How Lease To Own Works

While COE and car prices are going up, we offer you a plan to simply lease a car with flexibly weekly payments for 2 + 4 years, and earn fares driving private hire. You will fully own the car when the lease is over, and drive for free for another 4 years!

Discover affordable weekly rentals

Your journey to certainly own a car in Singapore, easily.

Our Lease To Own plan allows drivers a structured path towards vehicle ownership in Singapore – without the hefty downpayments of vehicle financing and a scheme that includes the benefits of a fully serviced lease with Alpha Drive.

To join our Lease To Own plan, all you have to do is choose your favourite car from our range of the very latest INFINITI and Mercedes-Benz models and book your car with a $500 deposit – and from then on, the journey to vehicle ownership in Singapore will begin!

After the lease period of 6 years is over, the ownership of the car will be transferred over to you and you’ll have the freedom to do whatever you want with the vehicle. You will be able to drive it without any weekly or monthly payments, or sell it on the market for cash (the average vehicle price after 6 years will be $50,000-$60,000).


Choose your favourite car and place a $500 deposit.


Car is registered and delivered to you.


Place balance $500 deposit and commence weekly lease payments.


Complete contract lease term and receive full ownership of vehicle.


Choose your favourite car and place a $500 deposit.


Car is registered and delivered to you.


Place balance $500 deposit and commence weekly lease payments.


Complete the lease term and receive full ownership of vehicle.

Full coverage and support

Benefits you get during the Lease To Own plan.

With the Lease To Own plan, you’ll enjoy full coverage for the most common costs associated with car ownership, giving you clarity on your finances by letting you budget for fixed costs based on the weekly lease rate of your car.

You will be assured of excellent reliability and support as your rental car will be serviced and maintained by our automotive experts who know your car best. Your lease will also cover:

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance covering Singapore & Malaysia
  • Road tax renewals
  • 24-hour roadside assistance/breakdown service
  • Full vehicle maintenance & servicing throughout the contract
  • Tires, batteries and other wear & tear replacements
  • Usage in West Malaysia
  • Unlimited mileage usage

The freedom to drive for Private Hire

Your car is Private Hire eligible – so cash in when you pick others up and cover your weekly car payments or even earn yourself a steady income.

Earn fares and offset rental payments

Drive private hire to earn fares to offset rental payments or earn a fixed income.

Driving for private hire is a perfect opportunity for anyone to make money behind the wheel, or want to drive just to offset the rental payments.

All our cars are private-hire-ready and we will provide you with all the required documents upon commencement of the lease to prepare you for your journey.

A curated range of cars for your pleasure

Our cars for lease are selected based on three factors – comfort, reliability and fuel economy. All our cars for lease are also fitted with full leather seats, UV Solar Film and a front-and-back car camera for your safety. With these covered, you will be able to experience the thrill personal mobility in Singapore without any compromise, and the sheer quality of a lease with Alpha Drive.

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Attractive weekly rental rates

Deposit To BookDeposit Upon CommencementWeekly Payment
INFINITI Q30 Diesel$500$500$709
Mercedes-Benz E220d$900$900$1199

Our vehicle recommendation

INFINITI Q30 Diesel: A sporty SUV with head-turning design. Great low end torque that benefits city driving, with fuel savings from the diesel powered engine as a bonus.
Learn more about the Q30 >

Mercedes-Benz E220d: Representing the epitome of luxury and comfort, acceleration is effortlessly strong and refined. Drives great for UberEXEC, Grab Premium or limo jobs.
Learn more about the E220d >

Terms of vehicle reservation

  • The Lease To Own plan is only applicable for Singapore citizens and permanent residents.
  • Initial deposit must be placed for reservation of vehicle if the vehicle is not immediately available.
  • Vehicle availability is on a first come first serve basis.
  • Current vehicle collection date: December 2017 – January 2018.

Contact us.

For speedier replies, click on the link below to drop us a message on WhatsApp. Thank you.

WhatsApp: (65) 9114 4014


    1) What are the minimum requirements to drive for Private Hire?

    • At least 21 years of age
    • Singaporean / PR
    • Minimum 2 years driving experience

    2) Who does the Lease To Own plan benefit?

    The Lease To Own plan benefits individuals who wish to have the luxury of owning a car one day but do not want to commit to high downpayments of between $40-$60k, and carry the burden of a financing plan. Besides that, the Lease To Own plan is similar in duration to a bank’s vehicle financing scheme of between 5 – 7 years.

    3) Can I choose to abandon this plan?

    If you change your mind, you may choose to drop out of the Lease To Own plan after a minimum of 24 months of rental.

    4) What is the difference between Lease To Own and a normal leasing scheme?

    The difference is with the Lease To Own plan, you will lease a car for 6 years and build ownership equity in the car that you are leasing. For a normal long term leasing scheme, the contract duration is shorter, between 1-3 years, but you will return the car to the leasing company after the lease is over.

    5) Can I rent a car model of my choice that is outside your selection?

    At the moment, we only carry these car models for their comfort, reliability and fuel economy they provide for our clients. On top of that, our workshops specialize to deal with these cars in the event of servicing or repairs, ensuring that you have a great quality car without any compromise.

    6) Can I choose to sell my car after the 6 years lease?

    Yes, you can! While we do not guarantee resale prices due to market fluctuations, here’s a price estimate based on today’s vehicle prices if you choose to sell your car for cash right after the lease is over:

    1. INFINITI Q30 Diesel – $58,966
    2. Mercedes-Benz E220d – $94,647

    7) How do I reserve a car for collection?

    For vehicle reservations, simply place a $500 deposit for booking, and another $500 upon collection of the vehicle and commence the weekly payments.

    8) I have more questions. How can I reach you?

    Drop us a WhatsApp at (65) 9111 7376 or you can visit our office at:

    2 Leng Kee Road, #02-08 Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086

    Our opening hours are as follows:

    • Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
    • Saturdays: 10am – 1pm

    Alternatively, please feel free to call: (65) 67332118 or (65) 91117376