A select SUV from INFINITI

We've selected a model from the INFINITI line-up that will offer hirers 3 distinct benefits with this unique rental car - a premium car at an economical rate, fuel savings from a diesel powered car, and reliability from a premium make. On the inside the INFINITI Q30, it features plush leather seats, with comfort being the key. The seats have also been designed with the aim of supporting your upper and lower back to relieve pressure by not straining one particular part. Enjoy this great car at a economical rental rate.

INFINITI Q30 SUV Transparent


At heart, the Q30 is a rebadged Mercedes-Benz GLA, but to varying degrees and to good effect, Infiniti has put a lot of work into differentiating the Q30 from the GLA. The interior is unfiltered Infiniti, pleasantly richer than the GLA’s decidedly entry-level innards but just as tight for four adults. The car runs on a turbo-diesel engine which will give you excellent mileage when you rent it.

Rent a Q30

Save money and benefit from great support with Alpha Drive

Rent the INFINITI Q30 and save money with the diesel powered engine, achieving almost 1000km with 1 pump. Save even more money with Alpha Drive by opting for a long term lease that is suited to your requirements. Longer rental periods for short term rentals also benefit from cheaper daily rates. Choose the INFINITI Q30 for a premium car with fuel savings, paired with a comfortable drive wherever you go.

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