Our cars are primarily chosen to be fuel-efficient while still offering you the comfort and joy of driving.



Our rates are kept low to maximize your daily earnings. No Malaysia surcharge, no relief driver surcharge, no hidden charges.



You're protected with comprehensive motor insurance with all vehicle maintenance covered. Enjoy 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Benefits of driving Grab with Alpha Drive

Your chance to have a car and enjoy driving for Grab part or full time! We will see you through the private hire journey.

It is easy to become an private hire driver with Alpha Drive. We will assist you, including all administrative concerns, so that your journey to get on the road is quick and enjoyable.

The benefits of the Grab car leasing programme allows you to experience premium car rental which provides better coverage and comfort compared to our closest competitors. Drive a premium car for work and family. If you have time in the evenings and on weekends to put to good use, you can earn extra income during your spare time.

We’ve got you covered when on the roads. Book your maintenance appointments online with us in advance and enjoy a seamless motoring experience.

The Process

1) Enquire vehicle availability and select a vehicle and collection date2) Collect your vehicle, fulfil the first rental payment and drive off!Alpha Drive will assist you with all the paperwork for Uber activation on your behalf.

Driver Eligibility

1) 22 Years old*2) Singaporean or PR3) Minimum 2 years of Driving Experience*4) No imprisonment term of more than 7 days in any country*In accordance to our motor insurance policy

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